Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Victorinox SportRatchet a very unique item.

 The SportRatchet is a Swiss tool with a ratchet driver with interchangeable hex bits. The shape is unique compared with other Victorinox tools.The SportRatchet has a serrated main knife blade, extended length cap lifter, a small black plastic bit holder and the ratchet that locks into place with a liner lock and turn clockwise, counter-clockwise or not turn at all. In the bottom of the SportRatchet has a removable wrench, that has six different sized hexagonal holes. And of course the SportRatchet has a toothpick, tweezers, and keyring.
The SportRatchet was made in the 1990s, or according to Victorinox this tool was released around 2000 and there were 25.000 produced.It was marketed as one of Victorinox's "Lifestyle" tools, a group which also included the AutoTool, the Golf Tool, and the CyberTool. It was generally considered a flop and was quickly discontinued.It is a relatively rare item.
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