Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Victorinox Green Alox Marlinspike Rancher or '' Long Rancher''

The Victorinox Marlinspike Rancher is a 2 layer 93mm Light Green (some say it Aqua Green) Alox SAK. It has the same tool configuration like the First Mate except for the wood saw. This is a special run limited to 100 knives and each knife is numbered-stamped on the small pruner blade. Mine knife is the 031/100.


  1. Love this model. I have the 042/100. Do you have a better source for these obsucre, hard-to-find, marlinspike SAKs?

  2. I too love the models with the marlinspike.
    I also have a old red alox marlinspike with the white cross in my collection.
    The old ones are difficult to find, sometimes you can find them in Ebay but they go to high in price.