Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Victorinox-Michel Jordi Red Spartan

This is a Victorinox Spartan customized from the famous Swiss watchmaker Michel Jordi. It has a gold plated corkscrew and keyring, and on the main blade has the Michel Jordi logo with the Swiss cow. On the front scale has a Endelweiss flower print and on the back scale has a gold colored ornament with the name Michel Jordi, 3 Swiss cows and in the center a Swiss Cross emblem.


  1. I really like those. I have several of these, all Spartans, and a matching red sheath. Do you have the other models (Climber, Classic) as well?

  2. Unfortunately i only have this one.
    I want to find a Classic, so i will make a pair.

  3. Hi
    We just got one, will check back on this site if you are interested

    1. Hi, thank you for your message but i am not interested anymore for that knife.