Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Timothy L. Meeker the best seller for SAK's !

This time i will not present some SAK of my collection, but i will do something much better.
I will write about  very good person who is using his (and our) love for Swiss Army Knives to help people saving the life of their animal.
Timothy Meeker is a kind of seller that you will never find elsewhere. He is always happy to help you buy a Swiss knife, with good prices whenever he can. And  if  for any reason you don't like the knife, he always accept returns.
But most important from all is that with every knife he sells, he is helping people who they can't send their very sick kittens to the veterinarian. Especially people with disabilities or seniors.
This post is for you Tim. Be well.

 (If you like to see Tim's shop just click to the last link in my Swiss Army Knives Websites list)

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