Friday, February 24, 2012

Victorinox Spartan Camouflage.

This is the model Spartan of Victorinox with camouflage scales. This model is a direct descendant of the historic Victorinox Officer's Knife. It has 12 tools and it is available in numerous colors.
The predecessor to the Spartan was the model Standard but with solid scales and it did not contain the Tweezers and Toothpick. Also it was without the keyring.


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  1. Yeah, I got one of those. They're fairly common, but they're useful for many situations, like when you're rollin' on the streets alone at night. I like keeping mine with me, just in case some homie is tryin' to mess with me. These blades on it do major damage. Really great for self-defense. I think I'll also get a Pioneer, though, 'cause I really like how it feelz.

  2. Well i believe the best use is for fixing-cutting things,open a bottle, etc and not for self defense.
    With these blades i agree that you can do a major injury, but maybe it will be lethal!
    The best way (if it's legal in your country ) to protect yourself without kill somebody, is with a pepper spray or with a stun gun.

  3. Very cool! I see on the Victorinox site, they are promoting their Camouflage Series, which is heavy on the 111mm models, tho the Spartan and Tinker both still hang in there. I have a camo Tinker that's served me well. Can you say where you found that sheath? It's definitely not Swiss Army-issued, it resembles an older (post-WW2) Dutch camo pattern.

  4. This sheath was a gift from a collector in Canada.