Thursday, March 22, 2012

Victorinox Spartan With Horn Scales 1943

This is a Vintage Spartan with horn scales from the time period of 1943 (accordance with the tang stamp) with old first style can opener and reamer. The tang stamp in one side is Inoxyd, and in other side is Armee Suisse. The main blade is marked with the name C.A. Huber. Mettmenstetten.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Victorinox Time Keeper and Super Timer

The Victorinox Time Keeper is an discontinued and moderately rare 91mm Victorinox knife. This is probably the first attempt of Victorinox to incorporate a electronic device into a knife. It almost like the model Compact exept that the tweezers has been replace with a analog watch. In the earlier models the clock face had Roman numerals, later models had Arabic numerals. It was introduced in early 1992 and it was discontinued in 2007.
The Victorinox Super Timer is a SwissChamp model that also includes an analog watch in the scales rather than the tweezers. The Super Timer was also available with an SOS Kit packaging and is a fairly rare version. I was lucky enough that i found two of the last models in Greece, thanks to Gianni Tsimpogo of Greek distributor of Victorinox.