Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Victorinox Passenger

The Passenger is a Victorinox 91mm 3-layer model, that will appeal to the minimalist looking for the Magnifying Glass or Inline Phillips tool.This knife is the predecessor of the modern Explorer which adds a scissors.
Victorinox reported (2010.01.29) that the exact date of production cannot be determined for this model. They speculate that it was probably available prior to 1992 as a 'special production'.However; empirical information shows that this tool configuration was available much earlier. 
In addition a sample was uncovered that shows this model goes back at least as far as the very early nineteen seventies, and for a while used the official model number of (1 57 03 / 1.5703) which happens to also be the model number used for the early Explorer models.


Victorinox Scientist and Yeoman

The Scientist is 2 layer Victorinox model that includes the combo opener tool as well as the magnifying glass.This model is highly prized by collectors; even though it is not particularly old, it was not produced in large numbers and is fairly rare.
The Victorinox Yeoman is a 3-layer 91mm knife with a very useful set of tools. The knife is similar to the Explorer, providing the same basic functionality in a smaller 3-layer model. This model is very popular with collectors.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Master Gardener and Master Electrician

The Master Gardener is a 91mm Swiss Army Knife made exclusively for the Smoky Mountain Knife Works by Victorinox. It combines an unusual set of tools not commonly found in Victorinox models. As the name implies, its design is aligned with the tools a gardener might need. This makes this one of very few Victorinox Swiss Army Knives (along with Master Electrician) that contain both an in-line Philips and a back-side Philips head screwdriver.
The Victorinox Master Electrician is also a 91mm knife made exclusively for the Smoky Mountain Knife Works. As its name implies, its design is aligned with tools an electrician might need, the unusual set of tools is not commonly found on other models. It is one of very few models to place the Fine Screwdriver behind the opener layer in the position that the reamer would normally occupy.
This model is easily identified by its bright Canary yellow scales which are uncommon on a 91mm knife model.