Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Master Gardener and Master Electrician

The Master Gardener is a 91mm Swiss Army Knife made exclusively for the Smoky Mountain Knife Works by Victorinox. It combines an unusual set of tools not commonly found in Victorinox models. As the name implies, its design is aligned with the tools a gardener might need. This makes this one of very few Victorinox Swiss Army Knives (along with Master Electrician) that contain both an in-line Philips and a back-side Philips head screwdriver.
The Victorinox Master Electrician is also a 91mm knife made exclusively for the Smoky Mountain Knife Works. As its name implies, its design is aligned with tools an electrician might need, the unusual set of tools is not commonly found on other models. It is one of very few models to place the Fine Screwdriver behind the opener layer in the position that the reamer would normally occupy.
This model is easily identified by its bright Canary yellow scales which are uncommon on a 91mm knife model.

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  1. This is great, but how does a customer find out your price, shipping and place an order?

    Does the electrician knife have the option to have the glow in the dark handle? That would be a real plus for an electrician since we do much of our work in the dark -- who do you call when the lights go out?

  2. You can find more info about the Swiss knives that i sell in the page "Swiss Army Knives for sell".
    About the handles that glow in the dark, yes if you can find spares glow-handles, you can put them in any 91mm Swiss Army Knife.

  3. Swiss knives always handy when you go out on some adventurous places. These smaller sized tools can be helpful in meaningful way cutting, bending, screwing. Some time I used them to fix my car. Do you need a saw or something like a Tile Cutter, if you have swiss knife?

  4. Hi Linda,
    When i have to cut something that doesn't need a big saw, i always use my Craftsman
    that has a saw. Sometimes i use my SwissTool Plus that has a better grip.