Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Victorinox Passenger

The Passenger is a Victorinox 91mm 3-layer model, that will appeal to the minimalist looking for the Magnifying Glass or Inline Phillips tool.This knife is the predecessor of the modern Explorer which adds a scissors.
Victorinox reported (2010.01.29) that the exact date of production cannot be determined for this model. They speculate that it was probably available prior to 1992 as a 'special production'.However; empirical information shows that this tool configuration was available much earlier. 
In addition a sample was uncovered that shows this model goes back at least as far as the very early nineteen seventies, and for a while used the official model number of (1 57 03 / 1.5703) which happens to also be the model number used for the early Explorer models.


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