Saturday, September 8, 2012

Swiss Bayonet Model 1918

Here is a M1918 bayonet with the sheath and the leather frog. 
The Model 1918 has a double-edged blade and lacks a fuller.The Swiss Model 1918 Bayonet is the original issue bayonet for Swiss Armed Forces that was included with each K11 or K31 rifle from 1933 until 1958.
This bayonet is in unissued condition and unserialized, the blade is stamped “ELSENER SCHWYS VICTORIA”. The serial number was applied only when the bayonet was paired with a rifle.
This bayonet was made by Elsener between 1950–1955, after "Victoria" was added to the ricasso marking and before Elsener began producing the M1918/55 variant that combined the M1914 hilt with the M1918 blade.

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