Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Hidden Treasure or a gift for me from myself!

For one more time i was mumbling that i have to find the time to clean my drawer from unnecessary stuff, while i was searching for a charger.
In my upper drawer i have whatever you can imagine, chargers for everything that i have or used to have, tools, cables, connectors, adaptors, manuals, key rings, watches, notebooks, pens, small boxes with various things and many more stuff.
After 5 minutes i wasn't able to find the charger, so i decided to start emptying the contents of my drawer, in my bed.
A few moments later there was a big pile of stuff in my bed, and still i wasn't able to find the charger.
(i was lucky that my wife wasn't home, because i was sure that she was going to say to get rid from most of the stuff)
And then i saw a blue velvet sheath in the middle of the drawer.
I instantly remembered that two years ago i had buy some old Saks, and the seller had sent them in velvet sheaths.
And i was right, inside the velvet sheath it was a old Elinox Sak, with old tools and with the Victorinox shield from economy class knives.
I have totally forgotten about this Sak, because a year ago, i was in need for money and had sell the rest of them.
I don't know how this beautiful Sak with the old awl and the shackle, had misplaced in my drawer, but i was very happy that i have find it.
Normally i place these old Saks to my closet, with the rest of my old and rare Saks, especially if they have the old awl or exposed rivets, because these are my favorite types of Swiss knives.
The knife is in very good condition, and i not planning to sell it, not now or in the future.
And the funny thing is that a few weeks ago i was looking at one similar knife at Ebay but i haven't the money to buy it.

Enjoy the photos, while i go to search my drawer.
Who knows what i will find...

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Victorinox Walther

Between the years 1976 and 2003 Victorinox produced the GAK (German Army Knife) in the size of 108mm.
The GAK was the first model in the series of the 108mm knives and the first knife who used nylon scales.
Victorinox used the GAK design in order to create civilian models.
Most of the 108mm models is no longer produced and become collectors' items.
The Walther is a special edition that was made in 1996-97. Only 4.972 pieces were made. 
It's the only 108mm knife with black scales.

(info: SAAM's 108mm Overview)   

Monday, February 4, 2013

The repair of an Old Swiss Soldier's knife of 1924

This story is over a month old, but it worth to be in my blog.

Before the Christmas holidays i had sent one of my oldest Swiss knives for repair to Victorinox factory at Ibach.
After contacted with them and discuss the details, they agreed to receive the knife for exchange the broken and bent scales with new ones from old stock.
And in January i finally received the knife. They made an excellent repair, even if the new scales doesn't fit 100% to the knife, because these scales were from the last old stock that they have.
Still as it is, its superb with these scales.

I will like for one more time to thank Ms Marlies Stadler for her help and effort to make the repair possible.
See the photos, i am sure that you will be amazed with the work that Victorinox service department did.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Old Wenger Knife of 1935

This is a old Wenger Knife with brown fiber scales and with the rivets visible.
Wenger changed from brown fiber to red plastic handles on their standard models some time in the mid 1930s and also changed the screwdriver/bottle opener about that time. 
So this knife is from 1935 onwards.
It was in a bad condition because it has some type of glue in the front scale and a lot of dirt inside the dividers. It took me a few hours to restore it, but it worth the time that i spent.
(Not available for sell)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Victorinox Horn Handles Knives

I always like the horn handles (scales) in a Swiss knive.
So through the years i manage to collect some of them.
I only have three Swiss knives with horn handles.
A Swisschamp with a old magnifying glass, a old Spartan of 1943 and a old 74mm Cavalier variation.
(They are not available for sell)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Swiss Bayonet Model 1918

Here is a M1918 bayonet with the sheath and the leather frog. 
The Model 1918 has a double-edged blade and lacks a fuller.The Swiss Model 1918 Bayonet is the original issue bayonet for Swiss Armed Forces that was included with each K11 or K31 rifle from 1933 until 1958.
This bayonet is in unissued condition and unserialized, the blade is stamped “ELSENER SCHWYS VICTORIA”. The serial number was applied only when the bayonet was paired with a rifle.
This bayonet was made by Elsener between 1950–1955, after "Victoria" was added to the ricasso marking and before Elsener began producing the M1918/55 variant that combined the M1914 hilt with the M1918 blade.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Victorinox Passenger

The Passenger is a Victorinox 91mm 3-layer model, that will appeal to the minimalist looking for the Magnifying Glass or Inline Phillips tool.This knife is the predecessor of the modern Explorer which adds a scissors.
Victorinox reported (2010.01.29) that the exact date of production cannot be determined for this model. They speculate that it was probably available prior to 1992 as a 'special production'.However; empirical information shows that this tool configuration was available much earlier. 
In addition a sample was uncovered that shows this model goes back at least as far as the very early nineteen seventies, and for a while used the official model number of (1 57 03 / 1.5703) which happens to also be the model number used for the early Explorer models.